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Personal Information Records Stolen or Lost in 2015

Companies are running scared and are starting to hide the details about their system data breaches Knowing how cybercriminals are threatening security is the first step to securing your information—and your company’s goals. From data breaches to digital extortion of both your personal information or your customer financial data Probably the most controversial finding of this report was the fact …

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Identity Theft Happens In Many Ways, Some Will Shock You!

medical identity theft

  Who isn’t aware of identity theft dangers that are lurking everywhere these days? There are people out there that have found ways to obtain personal information like Social Security number and then they use that information to obtain cash and/or credit that are yours. If you have ever experienced this, you know what a huge headache this can cause. …

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How to Avoid Identity Theft in 2016

Identity theft is one of the biggest fears for every cyberspace native. Every year, the threat it poses is becoming bigger and there are newer fraud techniques being invented. It’s not enough to rely on yesterday’s precautions to stay safe today. You need to be aware of the latest tactics used by cybercriminals and identity thieves to ensure your online …

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Your Data May Be Held Hostage By Hackers

You may not realize it, but your personal information data might be held hostage by hackers. And it is being done by a malware that even the strongest crime fighter can’t beat. Ransomware encrypts valuable digital files, locking it up from its rightful owner and demands a ransom be paid before it will release the information. This malware is running …

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Protect Your Private Information When You’re On The Go

Protect Your Private Information When You’re On The Go Online privacy has always been an issue since the internet took off in great force. However, it has gained even more attention since former CIA employee the days of Edward Snowden. In case you’ve forgotten who he is, Snowden worked for NSA (National Security Agency). He copied and leaked several global …

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And Yet Another Identity Theft – Tax Identity Theft

And Yet Another Identity Theft – Tax Identity It seems that as soon as the “good guys” find a way to stop the “bad guys”, the “bad guys” find another avenue to accomplish their dastardly deeds. We’re talking about identity theft. We’ve recently covered ways to protect ourselves from bank identity theft, credit card theft and recently, medical identity theft. …

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Just How Vulnerable Are Volkswagens To Being Hacked?

Since 1995, just about every Volkswagen built is vulnerable to being hacked and unlocked. And what’s worse, it has been discovered that as many as 100 million VWs have a large hole when it comes to being a secure vehicle. An investment of around $40 will enable a crook to hack into your VW. This setup is used with an …

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